Thursday, 24 July 2014

William J. Lynus O'BrienW.J. Lynus O'Brien: woodsman, trapper, hunting guide, explorer--Writer, barroom bouncer, poet, philosopher and web privateer are some of the titles he can use, yet if one treads into his past the trails become yet more twisted. Although most of his adult life has been lived in the wild, predominately alone--ranging from Mexico clear to the Arctic Circle in Alaska there have been anomalies.

A short stint firefighting; another as a geology exploration camp manager and logistic coordinator; an on-again, off-again (as he passed in and out with his travels) builder and DJ for the now defunct "Radio-Free Big Lake," KABN, the legendary Alaskan underground station and commune; several high flying odysseys jet-setting around the Lower-48 marketing his guiding business. And as crazy as it seems that was the normal shit

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besides kicking around Fairbanks and remote Indian villages for semi-extended periods taking a break from an ever complicating existence, during one of his handful of inevitable divorces he even sold yellow page advertising, flittering from Alaska to Hawaii to LA to Mexico and back on yet another alter-ego three-piece pinstripe adventure before heading back into the wild for another extended period of sanity.

And yes by 1994 it did drive the man sufficiently schizoid to start putting himself to writing, having been sporadically dabbling in words for a decade and a half by then trying to make sense of the insane swirl. While no formal curriculum has been endeavored, he has studied extensively on his own, preferring that to the indoctrination and outright brainwashing that American academia has to offer.

an older more mellow mountain manCurrently Lynus O'Brien lives a much more mellow lifestyle writing and producing an eclectic out-pour of webs pursuing a last, somewhat frantic and desperate experiment in what is called the American Dream, hoping it is still alive--

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